About Orgonium Orgone Energy Products

Bring the energy of your home/workplace back to nature by removing noxious electromagnetic radiation & Geopathic stress with Orgone Protection Energy Healing products such as Orgone generators, Chi pyramids, protection pendants, WiFi & mobile phone radiation shields, Orgone pendants & Geoclense Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Radiation harmonizers

Our Orgone products give you protection from noxious energies such as electrical wiring, power poles, wifi radiation, cell phone and mobile phone radiation, laptop computer radiation, radio waves, microwave beams, earth energies, EMR, fault lines, 400 grid crossings, paranormal activity, ghost lines, psychic energies, malevolent paranormal energies.

Our Geoclense harmonizes this noxious energy emitted from electrical appliances as it connects to the circuit it is plugged into. Because electromagnetic radiation is the major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Benker Grids and Water Veins, all Geopathic stress harmonized within any building.

Did you know that any portable phone handset, cordless phone at home or in your office emits noxious electromagnetic radiation and microwave fields?  Simply place a Mobile Phone Radiation Shield inside your phone under the battery or place and adhesive Mobile Phone Protection Shield on the back of the device near the aerial, and your portable phone will no longer cause you damage every time you use it.  These protection shields are suitable for all mobile phones, portable phones, cordless phones and cell phones.

Cell Phone Radiation shields, Laptop Radiation EMR Shields , Computer Radiation shields and Wifi EMF Shields available to protect you from these noxious microwave beams and radio frequencies.  Highly recommended if you have children as their thin skulls are more prone to thee noxious energies which have been proved to cause DNA damage in the brain and brain tumors.


Our WiFi Computer Radiation Shield also stops that burning hot head feel and nauseous feeling while engaged on your cell phone, or computer while using your Wireless Internet connection . This WiFi Computer Radiation Shield has been proven to prevent damaged DNA from direct signals to your phone, laptop, computer or wireless device. This can be easily tested by Kinesiology, Muscle or Pulse testing to show that you are no longer putting your body under stress whilst using your computer, cell phone or WiFi.

Mobile Phone Radiation Shields are designed to eliminate noxious radiation emissions. Mobile Phone Radiation Shields create a healthy life-force energy field which scatters the microwave emission, reducing the hot head syndrome when on your phone, protection from wireless (WiFi) internet dongle or modem or your Laptop / Notebook computer radiation.

The Ultimate Zapper was developed in 1996 inspired by Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Hulda Clark, who are the great inventors in electro-medicine. Unsolicited scientific evidence recently arrived from an electronics expert, who has proven that the Ultimate Zapper’s energy wave frequency is unique, making the Ultimate Zapper highly effective

Our Orgone Energy Dome is a powerful accumulator and is our most powerful product. Orgone Energy Accumulators raise the vibrational rate of the magnetic grids and fault zones to a life giving status, thus reducing the physical and mental health problems in the home and work environment.  This Orgone Generation neutralizes all EMR & noxious energies.

Energizing your food and drinking water with life force zing with our Bring Alive Food Energizer will make your food tastier and easier to digest, and water easier to assimilate. Our Bring Alive Food & Water Energizer lowers the surface tension of the cells making your food store longer (I keep one in the fridge) and tastier when consumed. As the same time, it is still capable of harmonizing Electromagnetic Radiation and Geopathic stress where ever it is stored because it is essentially a larger Schumann Generator / Orgone Energy Generator.


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